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A Study of Digital Natives' Tendency to Digital Games in the Context of the Consumer Society


Atatürk University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations and Publicity, Erzurum, Turkey

Current Perspectives in Social Sciences 2022; 26: 15-20
DOI: 10.54614/JSSI.2022.887129
Read: 411 Downloads: 208 Published: 25 March 2022

With the infiltration of world variables into life, societies have begun to approach each issue from a different perspective. Consumption has started to reach quite different dimensions especially with the development of communication technologies and becoming difficult to control. This development process not only experienced in new communication technologies, while affecting the consumer society also prepares the ground for the 21st century children, who are described as digital natives, to become a part of the consumption process. The concept of play, which is an important element of childhood, has also undergone an important change and transformation process from the past to the present, and even with the effect of communication technologies, games have been transferred to digital environments. The games on these digital platforms create a need for child users and child users are encouraged to consume in this way. The aim of this study is to analyze the consumption trend of today's children, who are considered as digital natives, towards consumption through digital games with the qualitative content analysis method and to reveal the consumption effect of digital games on the child user.

Cite this article: Terzioğlu, E. (2022). A study of digital natives' tendency to digital games in the context of the consumer society. Current Perspectives in Social Sciences, 26(1), 15-20.

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